Phone Japan Shock Video

‘Phone Japan’ is a Japanese shock video based on an adult video starring the adult actresses Mayura Hoshitsuki and Akane Mochida. The music in the background “Turning Japanese” brings the shock loop together in a way that few other songs could. The director of this shock loop is clearly and inspired artist.


TubGirl is a famous internet shock site that first appeared on Stile Project in 2001. The actual Tubgirl image shows a Japanese woman exploding orange enema liquid from her anus, which lands on her face. As with most Japanese shock sites, the video covers up the vagina to make the picture safe and maintain the …

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Bowl Girl

Bowl Girl is a solo version of Vomit Girl. The movie shows a Japanese girl heroically eating vomit from a large bowl.

Octopus Girl

Octopus girl is a Japanese shock video set in a Japanese bathroom. There is limited dialogue in the movie, but the story line revolves around a Japanese lady giving birth to a dead octopus from her butthole. Similar to Eel Soup, the video has received rave reviews from critics.