Meatspin Video

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Critics have called the Meatspin video is a “delightful romp through the world of shock sites and gay porn.” Meat spin is amongst the world’s most famous shock loops. It features a transsexual man being anally penetrated by another man while the song Dead or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ plays in the background.

Meatspin utilizes cutting edge internet technology to count the number of spins the viewer has watched and then show a popup informing the user he is gay after watching 46 spin. There is rumored to be another popup at 100,000,000 spins but this has not been verified. Urban legend has it that the the record number of spins viewed is 100,000,580 achieved by a group of Irish University students. Video evidence of the meatspin world record was lost during a hard disk failure.

Who is the guy in the Meatspin Video?

In 2005 a 21 year old from GoiĆ¢nia, Brazil hired a famous also Brazilian transsexual named Cristina Bianchini, now Camilla Crispy, to perform in the film. The video was picked up by the internet and turned into the MeatSpin shock video you now see before you.


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