Shock Loops

Shock Loops are repetitive shocking animations or videos, usually with music. Flash loops may not work on some devices.

Dad Party

Dad’s business trip goes horribly wrong.

1 Man 2 Needles

1 Man 2 Needles is difficult to watch but completely worthwhile. Do not try to emulate 1 man 2 needles at home. The testicles, needles and clear liquid are all fake (I hope).

Suck Dude

This is what it means to be a man. A real man.

Whip Crack

Whip Crack remains a mainstay of every shock site aficionado’s bookmark list. The video features a transsexual woman being anally penetrated by a man to music. The actor and actress are unknown unfortunately. Similar to MeatSpin, the video has it all – transsexuals, great camera work and catchy music. Let it whip

Worm Gush

Worm Gush is a special movie that reminds us all what can be achieved on the internet. A truly stunning combination of music and video brought together to perfection. Similar to Funnel Chair. First the worm, then the gush.

Walk The Dinosaur

Walk the Dinosaur takes the viewer back millions of years to a land before time. It shows that dinosaur love came in many forms and captures a special moment between two raptors. Like Meatspin, the Walk the Dinosaur shock loop gets better the longer you watch it.

Phone Japan Shock Video

‘Phone Japan’ is a Japanese shock video based on an adult video starring the adult actresses Mayura Hoshitsuki and Akane Mochida. The music in the background “Turning Japanese” brings the shock loop together in a way that few other songs could. The director of this shock loop is clearly and inspired artist.

Fruit Launcher

Fruit Launcher is a true mystery. It captures a phenomenon that defies science’s understanding of the female body – a woman inserts an orange into her vagina and it comes out her ass. Some have suggested that a portal like effect may be in play. Clearly more research is required into human anatomy.

Meatspin Video

Critics have called the Meatspin video is a “delightful romp through the world of shock sites and gay porn.” Meat spin is amongst the world’s most famous shock loops. It features a transsexual woman being anally penetrated by another man while the song Dead or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ plays in …

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