2 Girls 1 Finger

The 2 Girls 1 Finger remains a mainstay amongst internet shock videos as one of the new breed of hilariously funny videos. The Video contains yet another story of love between two girls, pushing the narrative through the incorporation of poop eating. Little is know of the actresses in the film, however there is not record of either winning and Academy Award for their brave performances.

 2 Girls 1 Finger Review

In a stellar display of film-craft, 2 Girls 1 Finger delivers yet another delightful addition to an ever growing array of high quality shock videos. The movie’s focus on the development of complex and challenging characters is sublime, as is the brilliant camera work and soundtrack. This transition from playful tonguing to fecal consumption occurs as suddenly as the original defecatory act. The notion of blurring will evolve into a diluting and contamination of sorts by the director, who is clearly heavily influenced by 1980s Brazilian film. The viewers of 2 Girls 1 Finger are left with a feeling of disgust and love for the protagonists in a way that is only possible through complete immersion in the writer’s world.


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