1 Priest 1 Nun

1 Priest 1 Nun is a scene from a German movie that depicts the efforts of a priest and a nun to overcome the priest’s possession by demons. The video contains some telling dialogue between the two expert actors and their efforts use their religion to heal. The video is also known as Church of Fudge in some circles.

1 Priest 1 Nun Translation:

Nun: Your flesh Your flesh must be cleaned

Man: Oh my god nun Nun what are you doing

Nun: We’re going to beat the evil together

Man: Together

Nun: All the evil will spill out of you

Man: With gods help

Nun: With gods help Yes

Man: Yes with gods help

Nun: (inaudible)

Man: Take distance nun

Nun: Let it out So it’s right brother let it out

Man:(in latin) In urine and shit we’re born and in urine and shit we will be reborn Nun: I rescued you from the evil of this world I took in myself



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