Welcome to Shock Chan!

What are Shock Sites?
Shock sites are what make the internet fun. They are a great way to piss people off and cause internet drama.

What is ShockChan?
ShockChan has collected the Internet’s most impressive collection of horrific shock videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure. Remember the golden rule of shock sites – they are no fun to just surf on your own – share them with your friends and let them have fun as well!

Types of Shock Sites:
Shock Sites can be divided into several groups:

  • Shock Pictures: static images. Earliest known example: Goatse.
  • Shock Videos: Extended movies. Earliest known example: Swap.Avi.
  • Shock Loops: Short looping clip, endlessly plays offensive material. Typically accompanied by music. Earliest known example: Meatspin.
  • Browser Fuckers: Content based on scripts that exploit vulnerabilities in browsers to crash the browser and disrupt functioning of your computer. These sites give your computer AIDS. Shockchan does not host or link to browner fuckers. If you want this, search Google for Last Measure.

What are the best shock sites?
All the shock videos and pictures on ShockChan have been rigorously assess to ensure that they meet our stamp of approval. The assessment process includes a multi-stage assessment and grading by a team of shock site expert, show attribute a Shock Grading to each shock image / picture.